New York Foreclosures | Mike Filsaime And The 7 Figure Code – Scam Or Legitimate?

New York native Mike Filsaime began in the automotive industry 14 years ago as a car salesman. Mike’s hard work got him a management position with one of the nation’s leading car companies in 1993. Mike gained extensive sales and marketing experience during his auto years as he oversaw the advertisements for the majority of his dealers. Mike’s real estate investment firm was a successful venture but in the end was a failed endeavor. Mike’s business associate was embezzling money from their company which forced Mike into foreclosures and the demise of his business.

While most would have just given up on their dreams, Mike Filsaime rose to the challenge. He decided that if he was able to be successful with his previous ventures, then he could surely do it again. Mike’s “never give up” mentality is was has helped him realize his dreams in the internet marketing industry.

The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript, written by Mike Filsaime, is one of the best selling e-books online. Carbon Copy Marketing was his next release, followed by his latest, The 7 Figure Code. The 7 Figure Code claims to provide you with all of the knowledge that you need to develop a successful internet marketing business. Included in this latest release are 15 DVD’s giving you an insight to Mike’s 7 figure business, as well as admittance to a workshop with 2 of his biggest mentors. While these products have proven to be effective for many people, you are going to have to be willing to throw out a little cash. Mike Filsaime’s newest publication, The 7 Figure Code, sells for $997.

So what separates Mikes’s programs from another successful internet marketer’s? Well, not a lot. While his information is very informative and insightful, so are a lot of other internet guru’s. So what does it come down to when looking for a course to follow? You must do your due diligence and choose a course by someone who will motivate you to action. Your best chance of success in the internet marketing industry is by choosing the course of the person who motivates you more than any other. The bottom line is that it’s not the course that you choose to follow that will make you successful. However, it’s your commitment to hard work and desire to succeed that will push you to the top. No one else can do it for you. So get going on your path to success!

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By: Brian McCoy

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